My Entry for One Hour Game Jam 141. Tho I did it on my own and didn't upload it to the Official site.

Interesting experience.  Barely playable game.  No menus, sounds, win state, lose state,  danger or pacing. Just straight up granny tossing.

The Good: Got to test my skills and try to adapt to limited time by not getting stuck on optimizations or by spending too much time tuning.  Also allowed me to be spontaneous and make gameplay I normally wouldn't have tried.

The Bad: Got a late start and had problems with my Voxel program so I had to use Inkscape instead. Slowed me down a little. Trying not to use pre made assets also took extra time. When I prototype I have some basic shapes to use. Bounds and layers are messed up.

Made withUnity


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I can just take a load of them and just stay over the road to the left over and over again, they don't disappear.  haha.

Yeah, definitely has some bugs. I never stopped player from picking up multiple grannies or created a way to get rid of them so they just have to fade out.